Who We Are

Organized in early 1957 as a freediving club devoted to the art of spearfishing, the club name has become known throughout the spearfishing community worldwide. We believe spearfishing while holding one’s breath is more sporting and challenging than using specialized scuba equipment. Thus, our merits are based solely on freediving efforts.

Throughout the sport’s history, numerous Fathomiers have become widely renowned for their contributions in organized competitive spearfishing events nationally and internationally, while others are holders of all-time big game spearfishing records. For the past several years, the club has been largely responsible for maintaining the existence of the sport of freediving spearfishing competition within the Greater Los Angeles Council of Divers (GLACD). In the past, one would see as many as fifty or more competitors in GLACD meets; however in more recent years that number has diminished to essentially teams from our club. Thus, the LA Fathomiers preserve legacy and remain at the forefront of competitive spearfishing.

There are quite a few old timers still active or semi-active in the club; some of them have been around longer than the age of many of the younger members. On the other hand, we also have a continuing source of “new blood”–younger spearos who are eager to step up and take over the reins.

The revival and increasing interest of the broader public in spearfishing and easier access to gear and equipment puts the LA Fathomiers in a position to promote responsible and safe spearfishing practices, as well as respect for the conservative taking of game. The Fathomiers encourage developing one’s skills in the technique of freediving, and at the same time strongly emphasize the paramount importance that each individual recognize his or her own physical and mental limitations. Needless to say that the passion and mentorship of all our members provides a unique opportunity to truly improve one’s spearfishing skills. Those of us adventurous enough to indulge in freediving form a unique bond with the ocean and its inhabitants.

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