2022 YTD Annual Awards

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2022 YTD Al Schuck Awards

  • None

2022 Ed Gulley Award

  • TBD

2022 Top Five Awards

  1. TBD
  2. TBD
  3. TBD
  4. TBD
  5. TBD

2022 Larry Staat Award

  • TBD

2022 YTD Largest Yellowtail in California Award

  • 45.10 lbs

2022 YTD Clint Kolberstein Largest Lobster Award

  • 9.09 lbs

2022 Largest Abalone Award

  • n/a (fishery closed)

2022 YTD Largest Open Water Fish Outside California Award

  • Gulf Grouper 99.6lbs

2022 YTD Largest Reef Fish Outside California Award

  • None

2022 YTD Largest Fish in California Award

  • White Seabass 68.7lb

2022 Top New Competitor Award

  • TBD

2022 YTD New All Time Records Outside California

  • None

2022 YTD New All Time Records in California

  • Frank Sanchez 22.6 Colorado Snapper

2022 YTD Redding Fish

  • None

2022 YTD Medallion Award Leaders

Species Diver Weight (lbs) Location
Barred Perch
Black Croaker
Black Perch 1.15 Malibu Colony Meet
Grass Rockfish
Halibut 21.60 Breakwall
Half Moon 1.50 Reef Point Meet
Kelp Bass (Calico) 7.80 Palos Verdes
Kelp Fish 0.95 Malaga Cove Meet
Kelp Rockfish
Ling Cod
Mangrove Snapper
Ocean Whitefish 1.40 Cabrillo Meet
Olive Rockfish
Opaleye 4.20 Cabrillo Meet
Pile Perch 1.65 Malaga Cove Meet
Rainbow Perch
Rock Wrasse
Rubberlip Perch 1.95 Malibu Colony Meet
Sand Bass
Sargo 3.00 Cabrillo Meet
Sheephead 21.30 Cabrillo Meet
Spotfin Croaker
Tree Fish
Trigger Fish
Top Smelt
Vermillion Rockfish
White Seabass 68.7 Palos Verdes
Wolf Eel
Zebra Perch 2.70 San Clemente Meet

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