The LA Fathomiers Club is open to all persons regardless of age, sex, race, religion, or physical ability. All experience levels are welcome, from seasoned divers who hold world records to new divers who have never speared a fish.

Prospective members in good fiscal standing must attend three regular club meetings and three regularly-scheduled club dives within one year, after which a vote by active members decides if membership is granted. A prospective member must have a sponsor (an active member in the club) who can attest that the prospect will be a beneficial member to the Fathomiers. Important criteria considered in accepting new members are his or her sincerity and desire to belong and to become part of the genuine camaraderie enjoyed by all the membership.

As discussed in Who We Are, the Fathomiers are a freediving club devoted to competitive spearfishing.

The club meets regularly on the second Thursday evening of the month. Membership meetings usually start at 7:30pm and last until 10:00pm. Currently, the LA Fathomiers meet at Round Table Pizza (4330 Redondo Beach Blvd, Torrance, CA, 90504).

Monthly spearfishing competitions are scheduled for one of the Sundays following the membership meeting (with some exceptions), as detailed on the Club Dive Calendar. The dive is usually a beach event designed as an intra-club spearfishing contest that is open to the public. Competitions start at 8:00am and end with the weigh-in at 1:30pm.

For scheduled beach events, members must generally enter the water through the surf with only basic equipment. Man-powered equipment such as paddleboards are kayaks are allowed. All fish taken shall adhere to Fish & Game laws, with some more conservative exceptions. Scoring is typically awarded as one (1) point per pound and one (1) point per fish counted. Monthly scores are accumulated and annual trophiers are awarded to those who place first through fifth place.

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