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The los Angeles Fathomiers hold the Scramble Meet every August.
This spearfishing meet is open to everyone!  FREEDIVING ONLY!!
The Scramble Meet RULES are as follows:

 • Divers must begin at dawn, diving is permitted anywhere in California ocean waters. Meet ends at 3:00 p.m. and all fish must be inside catch circle by 3:00 p.m. sharp. Fish must be personally presented by the diver – NO EXCEPTIONS.

• Scoring is based on total aggregate weight of no more than three (3) fish per diver using muscle loaded speargun, Hawaiian sling, or pole spear. No Powerheads.  ONLY ONE fish per species allowed. All fish must be taken In compliance with California Fish and Game regulations. Sharks, rays, eels, and mola molas are not permitted.

• Special Limitations: Calico Bass and Sand Bass must be a minimum of 14 inches. Sheephead minimum size is 18 inches.

• Fish may only be taken while freediving. Scuba, hooka, or any other kind of breathing aid is not allowed.

• The Fathomiers Recorder may disqualify any participant that did not follow the rules. The Re corder’s decision is final.

• Competitors must possess a valid CA fishing license.

The L.A. Fathomiers Scramble Meet started in 1969. Throughout its history, many fine underwater hunters have won this prestigious contest. It has a scramble format; hence its name. The original format for the meet was for competitors to register in the morning the day of the meet at a fixed location and then “scramble” to their favorite hunting area. The format of the meet changed slightly in 2006 as the pre-meet registration requirement was dropped. This new format now allows competitors more time to hunt and gather their catch without having the requirement to register in the morning.

There was a winner in the 1970 that used scuba.  However, a rule was drafted to prohibit scuba shortly after. The competition is now freedive-only.

Many prizes are given out at the weight-in after the meet. There should be something of interest for all in the family, so bring your fiends and family and have fun with the L.A. Fathomiers. The meet is a potluck with plenty of good food and drink for all.

Good luck and good hunting.