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Old Man’s: 10 fish meet
  • Rules: Meet starts at 8:00 AM;
  • Competitors and game must be in the weight-in circle by 1:30 pm sharp or be disqualified.
  • Divers may use kayaks, paddleboards or beach dive.
  • The meet has a 10 fish limit, allowing 3 fish per species, except sheephead (only 1 allowed); all DFG rules apply.
  • There is a 12 inch size limit for all fish except Bass which must be 14 inches & Sheephead which must be a minimum of 18 inches.
  • Scoring will be one point per fish and one point per pound.

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  • Meet starts no sooner than sunrise; competitors and game must be in the weight-in circle at 1:30 pm sharp or be disqualified.
  • Diver may use kayaks, paddleboards or beach diving.
  • The meet has a 3 fish limit, allowing 1 fish per species; all DFG rules apply.
  • There is a 12 inch size limit for all fish except Bass, which will be 14 inches. Sheephead must be a minimum of 18 inches.
  • Scoring will be one point per fish and one point per pound.